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Space Travel Fiction Books

Space Travel Fiction Books
Looking for a Science Fiction book…?

When I was in middle school (about 3-6 years ago) I read a good scifi book that I can’t find now. In this book, the world was big on the internet. At the very start of the book, it describes a plane traveling at 60mph being hacked and crashing. Also, I believe it then goes to the main character and it is his birthday. I also recall the city he was in (NYC I believe) being built on top of the ruins of an older city, still accessible via sewer entrance.

It may have been series and if so, in another book, the main character made his way to some type of space station towards the end of the book I believe.

It sure has been a while, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
They may have been mutants, but there we definitely people down there in some way shape or form.

I actually remember reading the book you described, but the title escapes me. Were there mutants in the sewer?

Buzz Aldrin on space travel, his novel and reaching Mars.

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