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Planet Facts

Planet Facts
What scientific facts regarding the proliferation of life on this planet have come from creationism/ID?

What studies in reputable, juried scientific journals are available to show us the progress in understanding nature that can be traced to cretionists/IDers? How comparable, in terms of real data, are the two concepts (Evolution and Creation)? Which of the two has more data, and covers more areas of science?

1. Evidence and theory point to the radioactive half-life being constant for any given material. But you should ignore both.

2. Evidence from multiple sources points to the earth being about 4.5 billion years old. But you should ignore that.

3. Evidence and theory points to the universe being about 13.7 billion years old. But you should ignore that.

4. Evidence points to modern homo sapiens arising in Africa several hundred thousand years ago. But you should ignore that.

5. You should never believe anything published by anyone else. You should not take advantage of knowledge gained by other people, and you should never infer anything. You should only believe in things which you have personally produced in a laboratory.

In short: The creationism contribution to scientific thought is that you should ignore any previous knowledge, any deductions, anything arrived at by the scientific method, and any evidence. We should roll back the clock to about 1500 and leave it there.

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