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Seattle Tourist Must-Sees?

We are traveling to Seattle during Christmas with my two boys who are 10 and 7. This will be their first time in a cold climate as we are south Floridians, so I am excited to show them a new terrain and let them experience the cold climate. I understand there is not much snow there and I will have to travel a bit to let them have a true white world experience. Any suggestions as to which way to head to see true snow and how long the drive is? Also, need some ideas for siteseeing in Seattle. Any fun activities for kids? How about the monorail and the space needle? Just looking for some ways to spend our week, any input would be greatly appreciated! The tourism sites are helpful, but I figured the locals would know the best! P.S. Is it true the first Starbucks is in Seattle?
Guess I should have added, we didn’t pick Seattle for snow seeing, it picked us, boyfriends family lives there, but there not much for outings/sightseeing, so we’re kind of on our own.

1. Pike Place Market is worth the trip, and a great place to pick up some souvenirs that are locally made. Around the corner from Rachel the pig is a place that makes mini doughnuts that the kids always love. And check out Beechers cheese shop when you wander – you might be able to see them making the cheese right there!

The first Starbucks in the Pike Place Market area – it’s a very unobtrusive storefront, with virtually no seating inside and a long line. Ask just about anyone and they can point you in the right direction once you are at Pike Place Market

2. The Space Needle is expensive, but as a tourist it’s worth the trip to the top on a fairly clear day. Don’t bother if it’s raining or foggy – you’ll pay lots of money to look at the clouds!

3. The easiest snow will be at Snoqualmie pass about a 45 min-1 hour drive east on Interstate 90. Yes, Rainier also has snow and it’s beautiful, but it’s harder to get there, and won’t necessarily be a “better” experience for your kids.

4. Other things to consider with your kids – The Children’s Museum might be OK for 10 and 7 year olds, but it might be a bit young for them. I’d start at the Pacific Science Center. There’s enough there to occupy you for hours.

Be aware that the underground tour in the Pioneer Square
district has a few references to the “working girls” of early Seattle, so make sure you are OK with your kids hearing that if you do that tour.

The EMP is cool if your kids are into popular American music. Overall I don’t find it very kid friendly, and would probably pass on it if my kids aren’t into music much.

The Gold Rush National Historic Park (I think it’s considered a park) in Pioneer square is a neat little (free) museum about the Alaska Gold Rush and Seattle’s role as gateway to Alaska during that time. I like it.

The Odyssey Maritime Discovery Museum on the waterfront is a hand’s on look at Seattle’s relationship with the water. Stand in a shipping container and see the view as it travels the country in transit to it’s destination, try your hand a loading containers into the huge ships in a computer simulation, try on a survival suit used by fishermen, take a virtual kayak tour of Eliott Bay etc.

The Aquarium is just a couple of docks down from the Maritime museum, and is OK – not great, but good enough, especially with kids.

The zoo is also a good one, and there are indoor areas to get out of the wet and cold. One of my best visits to the zoo was on a bitter cold day – the animal caretakers were all out near the exhibits helping their animals weather the cold, the crowds were down and we had a chance to ask lots of questions.

The Museum of Flight down at Boeing Field is cool if your kids are into airplanes at all – lots and lots of airplanes to look at, walk through an old Air Force 1 and a Concorde.

Plan to take a ferry ride – the trip to Bainbridge Island isn’t too long, and you can walk into town from the ferry terminal before taking the next ferry back to Seattle.

The Ducks tour is hokey, but lots of people enjoy it – you drive around the city, and then they drive the vehicles into the water for a tour of the water side of Seattle.

For Christmas, there will be a carousel in Westlake Park downtown (donation requested), A gingerbread “house” display and competition (chefs pair up with Seattle Architecture firms to design and build the creations) (also donation requested), and the Teddy Bear Suite at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle. The Fairmont will also have the Pike Place Market recreated in Gingerbread on display in the lobby – so visit after you go to Pike Place Market.

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