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Famous Space Travelers

Famous Space Travelers
Why Yahoo! fails to recognise Dr Shake Muszaphar as a real cosmonaut/astronaut? Is he meeting with Borat?

I know the Angkasawan story has been chewed on a thousand times here, but I just feel like sharing something with you guys.

When I opened the Yahoo! page I noticed an article about Soyuz landing in Kazakhstan, so I read it.

Quote: “…safely brought two Russian cosmonauts and Malaysia’s first space traveler back to Earth on Sunday, officials said.”

Since Dr Shake is now in Kazakhstan, will he take this opportunity to meet with Borat Sagdiyev, the 4th most famous man in Kazakhstan? Will Borat request him to explain why his documentary was banned in Malaysia?
Bear, hevan’t heared, tell me about it…

No just Yahoo, the whole world (except Boleh) regard him as space traveller, where in fact, he is.

He did not actually involved in the space project. He was there there just doing his own so-called experiments (e.g. Gasing?!), floated here floated there, and maybe ‘learned’ how to operate the shuttle.

Can a astro/cosmonaut start learning how to operate the shuttle only when he/she is in the space?

The answer is NO. Space project is extremely expensive and dangerous. The cosmonauts MUST be an EXPERT in certain fields of the space project before they are allowed to even enter the space shuttle. Our Dr. is an expert in which field of the project?

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