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Space Science Fair Topics

Space Science Fair Topics
Any ideas for a science fair project?

I have to do a science fair project due in spring, but we have to choose our topics now. I honestly have no idea what to do it on. /i was gonna do it on diet coke and mentos, but I think I’m not allowed? It has to be part of one of these categories:

behavioral/social science
botany (i think imma do it on this?)
computer science
medicine and health
earth/space science
environmental science

I’m not looking for someone to do it for me; I just wanna hear some ideas that /i may or may not use.

Oh and they have to be “Novel, do-able, relevant, Current”

So basically these projects can’t really be useless…like they have to be relevant…


These science fair sites can help:

Gary Sinise Foundation; FDA & Supplements ; State of Science Coast to Coast am

Google Links