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Space Science Degree
Would it be possible to earn a Bachelors degree and a teaching certificate in 2-3 years?

I plan to earn a Bachelors degree in meteorology along with a teaching certificate so I can teach Earth/space science at a high school in case I don’t get hired as a meteorologist for some reason. If I took extra courses during the year and worked during Summer break, would I be able to earn both my Bachelors in meteorology and my teaching certificate in 2-3 years of college? Sources?

Not likely. Colleges have limits on the number of classes you take per semester like mine has a 20 course hour limit. Don’t forget to factor the gen ed’s in. Plus some of the classes with meteorology, you don’t want to rush. Like the math and the physics. For math, if you do well enough, you may start out with Calc 1. The department at my school requires Calc 1 – 3 and Ordinary Differential Equations. With the teaching certificate piled on that, you’ll be very lucky to graduate in 4 years.

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