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Particle accelerator in Cern – what are research results?

To me, I dont understand much about science, but I remember few years back this humongous particle accelerator in cern being in headlines over and over again how it would help us with many many scientific things, then it broke down, and for years I didnt hear a thing about it.

Now, about half year ago, I remember reading that it had been finally fixed and tests were being restarted soon.

So, what have they found out so far? I´ve heard from local scientific magazine “stars and space” that they managed to do first or few tests, but that was just about it, they though that researching results would take time, but it´s been already like 3-5 months….

Or was whole bigass thing sadly for nothing?

At CERN, the collisions produced by the accelerator are in number of billions every second. The big problem is not to produce an “interesting” event for physicist, but mainly to sort out the events from this huge amount of information coming out from the 4 experiences around the accelerator.
or a machine that was designed to run over more than 20 years, and that started producing events since some months, we cannot consider some months enough to get results.
In addition, the accelerator is actually running at half of its potential, because experts need to get in confidence enough with the machine before to run it at its maximum. The energy stored in the particle beams is already in the order of the MJoules, that is an enormous concentrated energy; a mistake could engender irreversible damages.
So, to conclude, the accelerator is running perfectly well, and it is normal that it will take still some time (in the order of months or years, nobody can know) before to have important results.
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