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PostHeaderIcon Earth Space Science Worksheets

Earth Space Science Worksheets

Need help on a science space worksheet?

1: When a satellite is placed here, it moves in the same direction as the Earth rotates?
4: Satellites placed here orbit the Earth faster than the earth rotates. They are placed 200-800 km above the ground?
6: Devices convert light signals into electric signals in digital format. Their images are processed using computer software?
9: This is the speed at which exhaust leaves a rocket?
12: The hubble space telescope is one of these satellites?
13: A rocket is made of combustible material at one end, and ____________ at the other end?
15: A rocket having more than one stage?

Even if you only know a few answers all are helpful, thanks
1 has 19 letters in it
6 has 21 letters in it
9 has 15 letters in it
12 has 19 letters in it
13 has 7 letters in it
15 has 12 letters in it

1. Equatorial plane. If it rotates in the same direction and the same rate, then it is in the Clarke belt.
4. Low Earth Orbit.
6. CCD or charge-coupled-device (part of a digital camera that detects the image)
9. Exhaust Velocity?
12. Research satellite?
13. ?
15. von Braun originally called them “step rockets” but I think today we’d say “multiple stage rocket”

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