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Space Travel Future

Space Travel Future
What’s NASA future plan for space travel?

Last I heard, the Constellation project was canceled. This year, all remaining space shuttles would be retired. So what are they going to do for future space travel?

And why not continue operating the space shuttle program anyway. is the government less interested in the space program now?

Things don’t happen quickly. The plan was to fund some of Constellation by the shutdown of the shuttle program. The suppliers for the program have had their contracts ended for years now depending on the timeline for how their parts are used. Even if you had a very large budget, you could not restart the shuttle program as it exists today in less than a few years. So it’s not about “continuing” the program, it would be “restarting” it. There are some suggestions for ways to extend the program in some ways, but you don’t get a lot of flights by doing that, and you lose much of the proposed savings (which was the reason for cancelling the program in the first place).

Things also get complicated based on budgets. Technically the failure to pass a federal budget means that NASA still has Constellation as the official program of record even though it’s not going to be the way forward. The continuing resolutions that are funding the agency don’t address the direction or suggest what the future funding will be for possible programs.

Here’s a site that lists what are (or were) possible follow-ons to the current program. But again, that depends specifically on how funding materializes.


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