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PostHeaderIcon Nasa Astronaut Training Program

Nasa Astronaut Training Program

Nasa Astronaut Training Program
can scientists become astronauts?

which countries? …i want to become an astronaut. i am preparing for isat exam ( entrance exam for undergradute programs in iist on completion of which students are absorbed in isro) but india in its 1st manned mission (2015) is selecting only indian air force pilots. the reason for choosing vyomanauts ( indian word for astronaut) from the pool of IAF fighter pilots is that they are already trained to endure high gravity forces. This makes it easier to train them for space missions. i guess nasa does send scientists in space. do u see india doing the same in future? any other way i can become an astronaut? go for nasa? i’ll feel betrayal for my country if i go there

The reason for selecting IAF pilots is that they are already trained for what astronauts need.the most important thing is that you should have sound health ! But they will be given more training as it’s not sufficient.I am sure some scientist will also be given training for space missons as well. But the mission specialist and pilots will be from IAF.

NASA has send many people in ISS from various fields but each person ‘has’ to through the rigorous training. Even i was thinking of joining IAF first and then applying for the ISRO. But i dont have perfect physical standards(weak eye sight).

Dont ever feel betrayed because it’s your dream and you are doing nothing against India. Even kalpana chawla did and look how proud we all feel.

By joining ISRO you will become a scientist,the one who will control the mission !

And talking about the 2015 mission, it’s not gonna happen so early.It will take a lot of time because we are still dealing with several rocket launch failures and sending a person is a huge deal.
NASA has the best technology still they had tasted space shuttle columbia and challenger disasters and by god’s grace escaped the tragedy of Apollo 13 mission !

hey there is one in russia as well but i have no idea about it!


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