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Good Space Science Movies

Good Space Science Movies
Looking for a good new science fiction novel to read at the moment?

I am looking for some good suggestions on some good science fiction novels to read for the summer. I am looking for more a classic space exploration type. I just finished Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury and LOVED IT! I am looking for something with that type of space exploration or something like the 1950/1960 type in the movies. (I.E. Forbidden Planet, Twilight Zone, The Incredible Shrinking Man… etc) Kinda more towards that sci-fi. I hope this isn’t too confusing. Thanks for all the help!

Try some classic Robert A Heinlein like Starship Troopers.
Or Larry Niven’s known Space books. He has great short story collections, my favorite book of them is Neutron Star. And his Ringworld books are awesome.
Niven and Heinlein are not as eloquent as Bradbury but still Still great stories. Check them out.

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