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PostHeaderIcon Astronaut Training Programme

Astronaut Training Programme

Astronaut Training Programme
i think the space program is a joke, and Dr Sheikh Muszaphar looks more like an artist/celebrity currently?

KANGAR: Major Dr Faiz Khalid still has high hopes of being the country’s second astronaut despite calls for the programme to be reviewed.

He said he was ready for a mission to space and has not stopped training.

“The programme should be continued to put Malaysia up there with other developed countries in space exploration,” he said after attending the Science and Technology Week organised by the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry yesterday.

“We have started the programme and it would be a loss if it is terminated.”

The country’s first astronaut, Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Sheikh Mus-tapha, had commented that the programme need not be continued as it was costly, while deputy minister Fadhillah Yusof had said the programme slated for 2011 or 2012 needed to be reviewed because of economic factors.

– Bernama

Actually, I don’t know why the country (or the government to be precise) would want to send him to space. He was only a space tourist who went up there to show us that he could toss roti canai and do teh tarik in space and live up the infamous “Malaysia Boleh!” slogan, rather than participating the research that the other space mates were there for. He looked stupid back there! Sending the first Malaysian astronaut to space had cost Malaysia a dope, a BIG one! The poor, poor tax payers of Malaysia……

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